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Powerful, non-blocking debugging, just one click away.

Short development cycles and increased complexity all contribute to the risk of introducing defects into production, impacting quality, business acceptance as well as the credibility of developers. provides the ideal solution for developers to gain instant insight, data capture and debug information at production runtime – without modifying any code or redeploy cycles.


Spend more time creating awesome software

  • Once our agent is installed get insight into your application code quickly and easily
  • requires no restarts or redeploys to add extra log statements or debug arguments
  • No complex configurations or remembering port numbers to access applications running on remote machines
  • Reduce log storage requirements when capturing debug information
  • Get alerts directly once your breakpoints fire. reduce debugging time

Debug cutting edge applications

Use on all Java platforms from 7 through to 12, including all JVM supported languages, Java, Scala, Groovy etc.

We also support Node.js and Python

We have support for all common cloud providers, virtualisation and container platforms.

Non-intrusive debugging.
Around the clock.

Now that’s

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