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Roles we support

Engineering - Production Debugging

NerdVision gives engineers the ability to dynamically observe difficult to observe environments allowing them to understand the context of why the error occurs. Arming the engineer with the ability to collect; Log messages on demand, stack trace, and variable frames without restarting or redeploying the application. Allows engineers to make short work of application issues to focus on new features and deliver new business value.

Engineers who use NerdVision reduce the time to resolve application issues by up to 80%. On average, companies using NerdVision save $10,000 per engineer per year - and that does not include the savings of delivering new features and minimizing downtime to the business.
Code Migration

Migrating to a new codebase is an exciting time; you can undo the questionable choices of the past, and this time do things the right way! 

But migration is still a challenge; some code engineers know like the back of their hand, other parts have not been touched in years, and the knowledge has left the organization. 
As a result, an excessive amount of time is spent understanding how the code works and how it interacts with the rest of your services, applications, understanding all dependencies, and maintaining the appropriate level of service to your users. 

Engineering teams user NerdVision to support them during their code migrations to: 

  • Understand how the legacy code works.
  • Verify that the new; services, codebase, and serverless applications behave in the desired way while supporting the existing infrastructure.-- Inspect the remaining infrastructure is continuing to perform as expected.
  • Speed up the time it takes to deploy new services with confidence, by reducing the time it takes to debug, build and redeploy.
Local Software Development

Traditionally local software development has been relatively easy to observable, connecting a debugger and stepping through the code as and when needed. This was fine when the application was simple, but more and more often, businesses are investing considerable efforts to create test environments that replicate production, often with discrepancies from reality.  

There is a growing trend shifting to dark launching, testing in production environments as organizations improve their capability towards continuous delivery. 

What has remained elusive is quickly debugging these environments without redeployment. 

NerdVision allows engineering teams to any application environment from; local docker container to debug a microservice or monolithic application in production. 
Training  & Onboarding new team members

Joining a new team can be daunting, no matter if you have been at the same company for the last ten years or are fresh out of university. 

One of the most costly aspects of onboarding new team members is the training process, not only due to the lack of productivity until the individual can start providing value. But also the amount of time and effort required from other team members, detracting from the team overall performance. 

NerdVision allows engineering teams to reduce the time for new team members to understand how the codebase works safely on the NerdVision platform. In addition, developers can use NerdVisions's web app or IDE plugin, allowing development teams to work together whether they prefer to work in IDE or from the web app.  
DevOps - Supporting development teams

Supporting development teams with the tools, systems, and processes they need is of primary importance to the organization and the engineers that DevOps support. 

NerdVision empowers teams to have a single tool they can use across the entire application stack. NerdVision allows multiple teams to speak a single language and work together collaboratively. 

NerdVision provides teams access to the required data safely and reliably, reducing the 'special' requests made to get the information they need. Or even worse, struggle for days or even weeks to resolve application issues that they don't have the context to what is happening.

At NerdVision, we know engineering teams only talk a single language, 'Data and Code.' NerdVision closes the gap between development and production, allowing teams to work hand in hand to understand how applications work and why application issues occur. 

NerdVisions workspaces allow teams to have separate environments, which can be dynamically created and shared to rapidly target a specific subset of applications no matter what the requirements are. 

NerdVision empowers cross-functional teams to work together to resolve application issues quickly and reliably. 

Today the way we collaborate has changed, instant messaging, video calls, shared documents, etc.

NerdVision enables teams to work collaboratively to learn and understand how applications work. In addition, NerdVision empowers all team members to mentor each other when working through code issues or new feature development.

Like a shared document, NerdVision enables live collaboration down to a single group and workspace, allowing teams granular targeting down to a single application instance or process.

Members can jump on a single call, be inside the same workspace and work together with screen sharing not necessary as NerdVision dynamically updates with all user actions.

Teams are using NerdVision to onboard and nurture team members, minimizing lost knowledge as more individual work occurs as teams transition, redefining how the modern workforce chooses to work.
Automation of error identification and resolution 

Developers often do not have access to the tools to resolve application issues, especially in production environments. 

Application performance monitoring tools like; NewRelic, Datadog, Dynatrace, etc., do a great job at giving you an overview of what your application is doing, but rarely do they provide the context to why the applications occur. 

As soon as an application error or exception occurs,  NerdVision automatically captures the context of exactly what was happening when NerdVision was triggered.

NerdVision captures the Error/ Exception, Stack Frame, and Application variables. Using NerdVision, engineers have the context of what was happening to resolve the application issue. Some issues may require additional investigation; an engineer can continue to use NerdVision to collect additional application information through setting dynamic logs and tracepoints on any line of application code. 
SRE - Collaboration for rapid issue resolution 

Looking after a wide variety of software tools and applications can be challenging, especially when you are required to maintain the appropriate SLA's.

NerdVision allows SRE's to jump straight into the code when you are the only one around keeping the systems alive or supporting the teams trying to keep systems alive.

As NerdVision talks to users in data and code, teams use NerdVision as the single central application platform to resolve application issues. With the NerdVisions live workspace feature, we allow teams to work closer and more efficiently, often mitigating the need for a war room as problems are easier to observe and resolve.
Developer relations - eliminating silo's and data islands

"The core mission of the SRE function at the New York Times is to empower product development teams with tools and processes to maximize reliability and resilience in applications."
Surya Prashanth Sanagavarapu @ New York Times

NerdVision is designed from the ground up to be a single tool that can be used company-wide; across teams, languages, and platforms. 

Allowing DevOps, SRE, and Engineering to communicate effectively by speaking a single language of data and code, thus rapidly accelerating application development, deployment, and issue resolution. 
All data that NerdVision collects is also integrated with the tools and platforms you use Datadog, Splunk, Slack, PagerDuty, etc. 

NerdVision supports organizations with large userbases and demanding requirements. 

With support for; Multiple organizations, Groups, and Workspaces and Role-based access control. 
NerdVision provides organizations with the flexibility they require to distribute NerdVision quickly and safely, between teams and application environments, allowing you to be sure if a user should have stage access only they will do.  

NerdVision also has an easy to deploy local data storage solution called the local proxy, allowing you to ensure that all data NerdVision collects remains inside your secure network. At the same time, we do all the heavy lifting of providing the NerdVision SaaS service.  
Support - Reducing the time it takes to respond and understand customer issues.

It can be challenging when trying to debug customer issues and provide support to customers. You also need to capture enough helpful information for the engineering team to fix the problem.  

You have to be a product expert and an expert on how your application operates to create a reproducible example/case for the development team, with a lot of back and forth - if you need additional context, then your application probably needs to be redeployed and receive a code change. 

With NerdVision, as soon as an application error or exception occurs, you will automatically have the context for why the error happened. 

If no error occurred, you can set a tracepoint to capture the stack and application variables on a specific line of code.

If more context is required, then logs can be dynamically added to a running application without requiring a restart or redeploy. NerdVision lets you collect as much information as necessary to debug your application no matter the environment, whether it is in the production, stage, or a local environment. 
NerdVision makes understanding why application issues occur easy, reducing the time it takes to resolve customer issues by 80%, letting you do the things higher up on your priority list keeping all your customers happy!
Integrations to provide only the information you need

When you are in support, you juggle multiple customers, tickets, SLA's, etc. Therefore, multitasking is the norm, so the quicker you can resolve an issue, the better if you can minimize the noise from notifications even better! With NerdVision, you can choose the notifications you receive. 

In addition, you can combine error information with the customer's details so that proactive support can be provided when required on only the accounts and scenarios that are important. 

Maybe your team has just released a new feature or migrated part of your infrastructure, and you must keep an eye on the specific users who have access to that app. NerdVision provides you the power to choose what scenarios trigger notifications into your favorite apps, including your support desk, Slack, PagerDuty, Email.

NerdVision allows you to collect the context of why the error occurs, who it is happening with, and then communicate with your development team the issue talking in code and data—dramatically reducing the time it takes to resolve application issues.

Collaborating between teams can often be tricky; you have different tools, IDE's environments, and processes; sometimes, you may also speak a different language or at least feel like you are. 

At NerdVision, we only talk a single language, 'Data and Code.' NerdVision closes the gap between support, development, and production. Allowing teams to work hand in hand to understand how an application works and why application issues occur in a single tool, 'NerdVision.'

NerdVisions workspaces allow teams to have separate environments, which can be dynamically created and shared to rapidly target a specific subset of applications no matter what the requirements are. 

NerdVision empowers support teams to work across the organization, supporting multiple products to resolve application issues quickly and reliably. 
Security - NerdVisions security and secure capability

Security At NerdVision we take information security very seriously and use industry best practices across our entire stack, from infrastructure to code. To ensure that your data is safe as possible. NerdVision runs on AWS and Google Cloud. 
Beyond your data being safe in our infrastructure we have taken a number of measures to ensure that your application data does not need to leave your infrastructure. 

-- Local Data Storage - Using NerdVisions Local Proxy allows you to maintain all data inside your network.

-- Blacklisting and PII Redaction - NerdVision has PII redaction baked into the NerdVision Service, this is configurable by the user. We also have a blacklist/white list option similar to how Splunk whitelisting works your specifying what areas you do and do not want to capture.

-- Secure communications - The NerdVision agent connects to the NerdVision service through a secure bi-directional WebSocket encrypted with TLS 1.2.

-- Role based access control - NerdVision supports Multiple organizations, Groups, and Workspaces and Role-based access control. NerdVision provides organizations with the flexibility they require to distribute NerdVision quickly and safely, between teams and application environments, allowing you to be sure if a user should only have stage access, they will do.  
Dynamic log collection during security investigations

NerdVision enables security teams to dig deep during security incidents without redeploying application code to do route cause analysis. Most professionals would say that you should already log all the information you need to do route cause analysis and figure out what happened during a security incident.

Unfortunately, developers and security professionals cannot predict the future and often do not log the required information for every eventuality. This is why we must often redeploy code with additional logs.

NerdVision automatically generates dynamic logs based on an application error, exception, or even a trigger from another system, for example, a trace from Datadog. The trigger can be from any tool (custom integration may be required, but public APIs are available).

NerdVision enables dynamic observability for additional route cause analysis during a security incident without redeploying or restarting an application. To be sure that no changes are introduced during a security investigation.

All data that NerdVision collects and then be integrated into any tools you are using, such as Splunk, Datadog, etc. (Public APIs allow for easy custom integrations).
Reduced risk of breach

When application issues occur, engineering teams must work quickly to restore availability. Depending on the business impact, engineering teams are often allowed to reduce or remove release processes usually in place. 

Or open up additional ports and remove security measures to connect an IDE or debugger to a production application. 

This fast pace of work can introduce additional security issues or application bugs, causing compliance issues depending on what is done and what is allowed to be done. 

Teams who use NerdVision can automatically and dynamically collect the required application information to understand what the application is doing and why the issues are occurring without creating additional security vulnerabilities while increasing development velocity and reducing the time it takes to restore services. 

Without any application restarts or code redeployments.

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Gain an understanding of applications for cloud migration projects for government agencies.


Whether you're offering telephone services, television programming, cable services, or managed IT and network services, delivering reliable services during migration projects is vital.

Financial services

Monitor and debug errors to drive the best customer experience.


Keep your complex applications running with real-time debugging and logging.


Keep your customers converting, minimizing errors and downtime.


Enable debugging and observability in the highly regulated healthcare industry.

Media & Entertainment

Keep your on-demand users satisfied by minimizing downtime and errors before impacting users.

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NerdVision integrates with all the tools and cloud services you need to build the next big thing.

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