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NerdVision supports a large selection of languages deployed with any technology you use wether its a monolith or cloud native

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Including; Lambda, Groovy, Kotlin and Scala


Including; Lambda


From; .NET Core 3.0+


Including; Lambda


Including; Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee and Command box


In beta please contact us to get access


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In closed beta please contact us to get access

What is the NerdVision enterprise-class production debugger?

With NerdVision, you finally have access to an enterprise-class non-breaking collaborative debugger, enabling you to easily set breakpoints and add watches without halting program execution - in production, built and backed by the makers of FusionReactor.

Speed and simplicity make this the perfect solution to quickly test a hypothesis of what could be wrong with an application so you can dramatically reduce issue isolation time.

Better yet, you can debug in production safely knowing that NerdVision never sees any of your code as the code is never on our servers.

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Debugging in Production: Old School Thinking

It's crazy, you're using new lightweight dynamic scripting language and still debugging production errors like it's 2001. Yeah, this issue has been debated for a long time  with the 2 most common approaches being to;
1. Configure a remote debugger through an IDE, or
2. Add logging to your application to gain insight into your issues.

However, there are several disadvantages for both of these techniques, let alone getting sufficient logging for production environments that can be a challenge. Additionally, remote debugging has historically been seen as unsafe for production - until now.

Reduce errors. Reduce MTTR. Improve release quality.

Improved productivity and reliability for the entire team is now at your fingertips.

Now that’s NerdVision.

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