NerdVision now supports Self-Managed GitLab instances


September 21, 2021

One highly requested feature of NerdVision has been support for Self-Managed GitLab repositories. Well today we’re happy to announce that we’ve released our initial support for this!

What is Self-Managed GitLab?

Self-Managed GitLab is the same product as GitLab SaaS ( The major difference is that the Self-Managed version is one that you host yourself. If you’re using, you’re using the SaaS version and NerdVision has always supported this. For more detailed information about it, I recommend looking at the official GitLab docs.

Getting started with Self-Managed GitLab instances is simple! All you need is a link to the instance you’re looking to use:

1. Grab the URL to the homepage of your Self-Managed GitLab instance (E.G. for, the URL would be ``)

2. Go to the NerdVision group settings page

3. Select the "Custom Providers" tab and click "Create Provider"

4. Enter the URL we copied in step 1, and the dialog should confirm that it can connect

5. Save the provider, and you will now be able to create a repository like normal

If you’re looking to use private repositories on your GitLab instances, then all you need to do is:

6. Click edit on the provider in the “Custom Providers” tab

7. Click on the authentication step

8. Follow the link to create a new application in your Self-Managed GitLab instance

9. Create it with the options suggested in the dialog

10. Copy the Application ID and the Secret and paste them into the corresponding fields in NerdVision

11. Save the provider and create a repository. If the repository is private NerdVision will ask you to authenticate via OAuth like with any other provider we support

Need some help? Come and chat to us on Discord! Want support for a different provider? Show your interest via trello



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