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Intergral to showcase low-level Java developer tools at The Java Forum Stuttgart on 4th July 2019

David Tattersall CEO of Intergral GmbH will be demonstrating low-level java tool: FusionReactor; a Java APM with low-level root cause analysis and debugging capability and; a non-intrusive debugger. 

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You can view our introduction to video here.‍ In this video we will show you in 3 simple steps how to install and configure - configuring the agent on your application, - configuring a workspace within the Web App, - setting breakpoints to start debugging

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Intergral extends Application Intelligence platform with, for Rapid Production Debugging

Intergral GmbH, a leading application intelligence company, announced the launch and immediate release of – a new SaaS solution to enable cross-platform debugging and data capture capability. enables companies to quickly gain insight into their production environments without any code changes, re-deploys or restarts – it simply works.