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NerdVision releases on the Datadog Marketplace

NerdVision is exited to announce the release of a Datadog Marketplace integration. Combining the dynamic data gathering of NerdVision with the analytics and alerting in Datadog.

.NET Developers rejoice with Intergral’s launch of its next-gen NerdVision debugging platform

NerdVision has released its latest software support module for Microsoft’s .NET Framework as part of its expanding NerdVision debugging platform

David Thacker

AWS Lambda Press Release

Press Release: Intergral announces AWS Lambda support on its next-gen NerdVision debugging platform. The company empowers IT engineering development and operations teams to reduce the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), improve service quality, and improve SLAs through a platform built for today’s distributed and fast-moving IT environment. AWS Lamba joins Java, Node, Python, and ColdFusion as programming languages supported by NerdVision.

David Thacker

Traps to avoid when dealing with time critical issues

All Developers/Operations team members know the pressure and stress of finding and fixing a critical issue in their code or infrastructure. When dealing with issues, they often enter panic mode to try and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. While this can yield positive results, it can also lead to mistakes. Two frequent traps we fall into when in panic mode are: The quick fix - you cut some corners so that everything starts working again, promising to fix those tests or perform that extra step laterMaking too many changes - you implement several fixes at once, then have to figure out what change fixed the issue

How to get the best results when working with a product support team

Technical support engineers see all manner of issues in support. While support engineers always try to get to the route of any issue, there are certain things you can do to help.

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Intergral to showcase low-level Java developer tools at The Java Forum Stuttgart on 4th July 2019

David Tattersall, CEO of Intergral GmbH, will be demonstrating the low-level java tool FusionReactor and

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In this video we will show you in 3 simple steps on how to install and configure

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