Reduce errors. Reduce MTTR. Improve release quality.

Your team can now capture live data and debug information, simply and easily, without redeploying your application. Finally, a non-intrusive debugging for any environment.

What is the NerdVision non-intrusive debugger?

NerdVision is a non-intrusive collaborative debugger, enabling developers to set breakpoints and add watches without halting program execution.

The entire organization will be amazed with the speed and simplicity that make this the perfect solution for you to quickly test a hypothesis of what could be wrong with an application so it can dramatically reduce issue isolation time.

Better yet, the team can now safely debug in production knowing that NerdVision does not store any of your code and once you close the application we can no longer see your data.

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Production Debugging: The Challenge & Falsehoods

Debugging in production has for a long time been the topic of debate, with the two most common approaches being:
1. Configure a remote debugger through an IDE, or
2. Add logging to your application to gain insight into your issues.

There historically have been several disadvantages for both these techniques:
1. Remote debugging was seen as unsafe for production ,and
2. Getting sufficient logging for production environments could be a challenge.

Remote Debugging Historic Falsehoods

  • Falsehood 1: Accessing machines for remote debugging requires firewall configurations and open ports, reducing the security of your environment
  • Falsehood 2: Remote debugging will interrupt and stop code being executed as you debug, disturbing the user experience
  • Falsehood 3: In load balanced environments, knowing which application instance to debug and the IP address of the machine can be complex

Logging Falsehoods

  • Falsehood 4: Getting access to log files is not a simple process without using an external service for logging, which can be expensive when logging large amounts of data
  • Falsehood 5: Log statements are limited in their size and what can be captured, so you may not have all the required information to solve your problem
  • Falsehood 6: Adding additional information to log statements will require restarts or redeploys of your application

NerdVision proves these falsehood are now incorrect. The application is your answer to being able to safely debug in production, without the need for a remote debugger or excess logging.

It is a tool you and your team can use in every stage of the application lifecycle, from development to production, and will work in exactly the same way no matter where your application is hosted.

Think of the time your team will save by not have to restart or redeploy applications to debug. This all translates to tangible business benefit from customer satisfaction and release quality to reducing engineering costs and reducing the silos between development and operations teams.

Debug in any environment

The only thing consistent anymore is change. While microservices, load balancing and hosted application environments are becoming more frequently used, which makes managing hardware and infrastructure simpler, this does, however, make accessing the machines running your application more challenging.

Your NerdVision application supports all major platforms including Docker, Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, as well as the majority of other platforms used in the software development industry today. See our getting started video.

Improved MTTR by quickly accessing essential data

Capture the full stack trace and variables for the top frame of breakpoints. To debug efficiently you need to have enough data, with your NerdVison application, the team has access to all variables and the stack trace to see exactly what caused a breakpoint to fire.

Fire breakpoints only on specific instances
. An issue may only be occurring in a specific configured environment, you can now filter which instance or group of instances to debug.

Conditional breakpoints. Reproducing an issue in production is never simple. The value a company derives from setting conditions that must be met for a breakpoint to fire based on the variable or environment state are immense. Learn how to set a conditional breakpoint.

Every minute matters for improved MTTRs

With a non-breaking debugger in production, you'll have the ability to get instant insight into any environment and resolve issues more efficiently.

Whereas, the old way of sitting around and monitoring your IDE while waiting for breakpoints to fire is not an efficient use of anyone's time. Instead, NerdVision will notify you via email or slack that a breakpoint has fired.

Integration with Git-based projects

Create workspaces directly from GitLab, GitHub and BitBucket repositories on the master and branches to debug in production and staging environments.

Live updates of the code base

Code is always evolving, whenever your code is updated this will be reflected within your NerdVison Application.

Quickly switch between multiple workspaces

Having many small applications rather than one large application is becoming the recommended way to develop applications.

Using the NerdVision application creates great efficiency by eabling deveopers to switch quickly between multiple workspaces to debug an issue and find the root cause of an issue in distributed environments.

Single Sign-on

sign into using authentication from your existing Google, GitHub or GitLab accounts.

Install NerdVision in minutes

Install NerdVision with 3 quick commands commands.

Ready at all times

With no overhead, you can installed 24x7 and debug whenever you need

Interruptions not necessary

Configuring logging or debug arguments when you have an issue is a thing of the past.

Reduce errors. Reduce MTTR. Improve release quality.

Improved productivity and reliability for the entire team is now at your fingertips.

Now that’s NerdVision.

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