What is the NerdVision non-intrusive debugger?

NerdVision is a non-intrusive collaborative debugger, enabling developers to set breakpoints and add watches without halting program execution.

The entire organization will be amazed with the speed and simplicity that make this the perfect solution for you to quickly test a hypothesis of what could be wrong with an application so it can dramatically reduce issue isolation time.

Better yet, the team can now safely debug in production knowing that NerdVision does not store any of your code and once you close the application we can no longer see your data.

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Production Debugging: The Challenge & Falsehoods

Debugging in production has for a long time been the topic of debate, with the two most common approaches being:
1. Configure a remote debugger through an IDE, or
2. Add logging to your application to gain insight into your issues.

There historically have been several disadvantages for both these techniques:
1. Remote debugging was seen as unsafe for production ,and
2. Getting sufficient logging for production environments could be a challenge.

How NerdVision Works

Debug in any environment

The only thing consistent anymore is change. While microservices, load balancing and hosted application environments are becoming more frequently used, which makes managing hardware and infrastructure simpler, this does, however, make accessing the machines running your application more challenging.

Your NerdVision application supports all major platforms including Docker, Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, as well as the majority of other platforms used in the software development industry today. See our getting started video.

Reduce errors. Reduce MTTR. Improve release quality.

Improved productivity and reliability for the entire team is now at your fingertips.

Now that’s NerdVision.

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