Autonomous debugging

NerdVision a better way to discover errors than you might think.

See debug information the second errors happen with Autonomous debugging.

Get error insight rapidly with NerdVision.

See errors as they happen
Get error alerts from the tools you trust
Integrates wherever you need your data
See errors as they happen

Discover errors as they happen. Relying on snapshots and error rate-based dashboards causes delays that can often result in many impacted customers. Critical customer errors can occur even at low frequencies, making them easy to miss and even harder to debug.

NerdVision allows you to understand why your errors are happening in real-time — including exceptions and traces — so you’ll never miss a bug. Easily monitor all services in one view and use intelligent filters to see project, environment, or framework issues.

Get error alerts from the tools you trust

The NerdVision platform automatically integrates with tools like Datadog, Sentry, and others to start debugging when an exception or alert is triggered, allowing you to manage your alerting preferences in these tools.

Say goodbye to all the missed opportunities when you cannot recreate an error and get
NerdVision to debug level data integrated into these tools. Plus, you can easily NerdVision to manage exceptions and errors if you do not have any tools for errors and exceptions.

Integrates with your stack

NerdVision integrates with the tools you’re already using, like Slack, Splunk, Datadog, Sentry, and more. When you do get an application issue, you’ll see exactly what occurred, when, and why because alerts should show causation, not correlation.

How NerdVision Works