NerdVision in 2022

David Thacker

February 3, 2022

The bells have rung, and we are now well into 2022, so the question is, in 2022 what can NerdVision do to speed up modern application development? 

In a nutshell, with NerdVision, you can collect the; stack trace and the application variables from any line of code in your application, no matter the environment; Development, Staging, or Production. Going further in NerdVision, you can create additional log lines specifying anything you want to observe or collect. 

The data that NerdVision collects can be sent via pipelines to the other tools in your stack, including Datadog, Slack, VictorOps, email, and many more - even Twitter if the need arose. 

Rules can be set controlling when data is collected based on application conditions and tagged parameters, allowing you to target specific application instances and groups of your deployment.  

NerdVision allows you to do all of this without requiring a restart of redeployment of your application, eliminating costly application deployments. 

But NerdVision goes further, integrating with Bugsnag, Datadog, and Sentry NerdVision can autonomously collect application data as soon as an error occurs, decorating the error with the additional context as to why the error occurred. 

Today NerdVision supports; Java, Node.JS, Python, .NET, Adobe ColdFusion, and Lucee (CFML). NerdVision can be deployed as a lambda, Kubernetes cluster, or monolithic application deployment.

The rest of the NerdVision team and I are excited for what 2022 has in store. We have many plans and are excited to continue redefining how modern applications developers observe their applications to understand and resolve application issues. 

David Thacker

David Thacker

David Thacker is the Business Unit Owner for NerdVision and is focused on how NerdVision can make a developers' life better! Feel free to get in contact with me via twitter @dwthacker