now supports ColdFusion

June 8, 2020

I know many people have never heard of ColdFusion but it is still a fairly well used programming language for some very large sites. At we are happy to announce that we now support Adobe ColdFusion.

Installing in a Adobe ColdFusion platform is as simple as other agents, we simple need to be added to the jvm.config file for the server. We have complete documentation available on our docs site

Support Outline

Currently supports the Adobe ColdFusion language and platform, we support ColdFusion from version 10 and up. We know there are other platforms for the ColdFusion language out there and we do have plans to add support for these. For now we only support the Adobe ColdFusion platform, running on Windows or Linux.

Additionally as we are using the Java agent to provide this support we are also limited by the Java version we support in this agent. This is currently limited to Java 1.7+, so the Adobe ColdFusion instance will have to be running at least Java 1.7.

Watchers and Conditionals

You can use the full features of with ColdFusion, this includes the watchers and conditional statements. When using these features you need to use valid ColdFusion syntax for the expression to be evaluated correctly.

<cfloop query="getFiles"></cfloop>
   <cfset end=".cfm"></cfset>
   <cfif"" neq="" "exclude"="" and="" "cfc"="" "app"=""></cfif>
       <cfif fileexists(""""" index.cfm")=""></cfif>
               <li><a href="">#uCase(</a></li>
           <cfelseif (right(#name#,len(#end#))="" eq="" #end#)=""></cfelseif>
               <li><a data-id="#next#" data-sec="#secId#" data-path="" class="testcase test-<cfoutput>#secId#</cfoutput>" href="">#name#</a></li>

So given this snippet from one of our test scripts, if you want to put a watch on line 5 for the file name, you need to use the expression Not including the # tags that are used when use the cf tag syntax, of course will also work when using cf script syntax as well.

Future Plans

The road map for is constantly evolving as we explore the capabilities of our platform. As I mentioned earlier, however, we are aware that there are other ColdFusion platforms available, and our current plans do involve adding support for Lucee 5+ and the Ortus CommandBox platform.

If you have any other suggestions for platforms we should support, ColdFusion related or not, please come talk with us on Discord or leave us a message on Trello.

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