The future of


September 13, 2019

the future of


Wow, time flies! It’s been two weeks since we released and in that time we’ve been really busy. We hope our new additions are going to make your experience even better:

  • NodeJS agent is now available in early access 
  • Added support for bitbucket
  • Added branch selection
  • Many UI improvements including:
  • Storing the page context so you can continue right where you left off
  • Bulk deleting snapshots.

We will keep being busy and pushing out awesome software regularly, so keep an eye out for all our improvements on twitter and our discord.

We are keeping our development agile and open

We are pretty keen to please here at HQ - we want your feedback so we can build the features that you want! If we have to work super hard to do that, so be it! 

You can help to shape the future of You can see what we are working on right now from our roadmap page, vote for features that you like and even suggest something cool!

What would you like to see in Let us know on our roadmap.

Do you need any advice on using Chat to us via the widget in the corner or reach out to us



Technical Support Engineer and Developer advocate for and other software projects. Background in object-oriented software development and data analysis. Personal hobbies include simulation gaming and watch collecting.