What is nerd.vision


September 23, 2019

nerd.vision delivers detailed insight to software developers, operations teams and everyone else within the scope of the software engineering industry together so we can create fast, reliable and more resilient applications.

Our Vision

By using nerd.vision 's powerful and expanding product set, creating and maintaining applications will be a quicker and more efficient process and allow users to avoid the stress of downtime and customer complaints due to software defects.

Who are the brains behind nerd.vision?

nerd.vision is used by our developers on a daily basis and is fully featured to make development as simple yet insightful as possible.

We have over 20 years experience of developing applications, debuggers and application performance monitoring tools, we understand that creating a bug-free application with no corner case issues or missed error handling in code is near impossible.

The motivation for creating nerd.vision

If a bug is detected within our software, having a debugger would drastically cut down the time it takes to find and fix the issue but with a traditional debugger this was not always possible.

Our first focus for nerd.vision is a non-breaking debugger which is safe to use on any environment from development, to staging and even in production.

Traditionally debugging was time-consuming

Exposing ports and firewalls to allow for remote debugging or creating large log files to capture potentially useful information if an issue occurs has historically been the primary method of debugging. Whilst this process has proven to be effective it also has issues; including the introduction of security risks, application downtime and increased costs using SaaS solutions to avoid machine access issues.

It is not always possible to block running applications using a traditional blocking debugger

A traditional interactive debugger blocks the code as it is being executed, while this gives allows a developer to find the issue quickly and step around the code to find the exact source of truth, on a critical system such as a customer facing / production environment this is often not an option.

What is nerd.vision

A Non-Breaking Debugger works across all environments

You can run nerd.vision in any environment from local development to production, on any machine be it your laptop or a large dynamically scaled environment in the cloud.

nerd.vision is future-safe and built for microservices and auto-scaled deployments

Software development is moving rapidly towards microservices and auto-scaled deployments hosted in the cloud. This means the technologies and frameworks we use are changing: rather than having one large application we have several small apps often written in a number of languages.

We have spent time ensuring that as a user you are quickly able to switch context between multiple repositories to trace errors to their root cause, whether it be in the front end application or the API behind it.

Debugging in all Java servers, with support for more languages coming soon

The first version of nerd.vision is specifically for Java environments, supporting all Java versions from 7 to 12 so you can debug legacy and cutting edge projects with the same tool. Soon we plan to release an update that will add support for both Node JS and Python, with many more languages and frameworks to come.

One click breakpoint configuration

When you debug there are two main functions that need to be fulfilled; set up should be simple and you should have access to all the information needed to find issues. Configuring a breakpoint can be done with one click, while you navigate your application code in a convenient IDE style view. See getting started blog.

Take control of where your breakpoints will trigger

There are of course times  where you need more control over your breakpoints such as trying to reproduce complex issues that often end up being triggerable only in production environments due to a number of specific factors, which is why we allow you to specify on which machines running your application will be debugged and specific conditions your breakpoint will fire upon to catch your data only when you need it. Learn how to set conditional breakpoints.

Alerts that tell you when your breakpoint has fired

Some issues are much harder to reproduce than others; it may be you have a specific corner case that only fires one or two times a week. When a breakpoint fires you will receive an email notifying you a breakpoint has fired, so you can login to nerd.vision at a time convenient to you.

How do you get nerd.vision

Getting started with nerd.vision is easy and is free; simply create an account download the agent and follow the 3 simple steps outlined in getting started with nerd.vision. You will be creating non-breaking breakpoints in less than 10 minutes.



Technical Support Engineer and Developer advocate for nerd.vision and other software projects. Background in object-oriented software development and data analysis. Personal hobbies include simulation gaming and watch collecting.