Connected Applications


May 10, 2021

We are reintroducing a feature that was removed during the debugger updates. After some feedback from users we released that this was something that we need to re introduce to help identify the connected applications. We have also improved on this since the first release of NerdVision allowing it to be used from all pages and to also assist in the targeting of workspaces on the debugger.

Group Overview

In the top right you see, as always, the number of connected applications. You are now able to interact with this element to open a new modal that will show the full listing of the connected applications. Including information about the application name and tags.

showing the connected applications for the group

Workspace Overview

When you are on the debugger this view will change to include the targeting configuration of the workspace. This allows you to quickly see the exact subset of applications that the workspace will target.

showing the connected applications targeted by the workspace

Next Steps

The next steps of this feature are to expand on the information available from the clients, connection time/duration, tracepoint status. We are also working to allow the workspace targeting to be editable to allow quick updates to the workspace query, as well as the ability to craft new workpaces from the query.

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