NerdVision officially supports Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee!

David Thacker

July 16, 2020

NerdVision now officially supports ColdFusion Markup Language for both Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee!  You may ask "Why do you support CFML?"  especially if you are reading this with no knowledge of CFML. 

The reason for this support is we as a company grew up with CFML, we have being doing CFML since 1996.

Today a lot has changed; we no longer run our applications on servers in a server room or only use CFML. Today our applications are much more complicated running in a distributed model, on multiple technologies, on multiple services such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, maybe even all three! 

For these reasons,  we bring you NerdVision to enable developers, DevOps and support to see inside applications during production run-time on any language they may use. Intergral not only supports the CFML community but many communities. NerdVision supports Java, Node, Python and CFML with more languages in the works! FusionReactor is a specialist deep dive APM tool that not only supports CFML but supports anything that runs on Java.  

Want to know more about NerdVison support for CFML see the two blog posts below:

NerdVision now supports Lucee

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If you want to give NerdVision a try, sign up for free and let us know what you think!

David Thacker

David Thacker

David Thacker is the Business Unit Owner for NerdVision and is focused on how NerdVision can make a developers' life better! Feel free to get in contact with me via twitter @dwthacker