Introducing AWS Lambda support


October 20, 2020

The Serverless

With serverless environments on the rise we, at, wanted to provide people with the same debugging options as other platforms. As it stands debugging in a serverless environment is complicated and frustrating. As it can be difficult to replicate the environments locally it can be nearly impossible to reproduce a bug.

With NerdVision installed in your Lambdas you can gather the information you need directly from the running environment without impacting the users experience.

With the NerdVision agent as part of your lambda deployment you get access to all the features of NerdVision, including dynamic logging and watchers. Allowing you to gain insight into your lambdas quickly and without having to redeploy new code.

What do we support?

As this is the first stage in our serverless journey we currently only support AWS Lambdas. We do offer support for Java, Node.js and Python in all current versions supported by AWS. We also understand that not everyone uses AWS Lambda and we will continue to add support for more serverless environments as we grow.

How to use NerdVision in Lambdas?

Each language has a different usage and we have examples and documentation for each language available:

What is next in Serverless?

We will be looking to expand the support of the serverless environments and frameworks that we support. We will be adding support for GCP and Azure functions as soon as we can. We are also looking to add support into the serverless framework.

If you have any questions or suggestions please join us on Discord or comment on our Trello board.



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