NerdVision on CommandBox


July 31, 2020

With NerdVision coming from the Intergral family, we have quite strong ties in the ColdFusion communities. Like most development communities, ColdFusion is trying to modernise their development practises. One of the ways they are doing this is by using the CommandBox from Ortus Solutions. CommandBox is a platform that allows for many improvements to the standard workflow of the more transitional ColdFusion developer, including a package manager called ForgeBox.

NerdVision Module

NerdVision is now available on ForgeBox as a module for people to install. To use NerdVision with CommandBox, you simply need to install the module via the command box cli and configure the API key to use.

box install nerdvision

Once the install is complete you need to specify the API key for NerdVision to use via the configure command:

box config set modules.nerdvision.apikey=<your api="" key=""></your>

This is all that is required to use NerdVision with CommandBox! Now your server will start up with the NerdVision agent installed and will connect to to help you get to crushing those bugs.


Like most services, we have the quick way (above) and the complete way, which we will detail here. To get the most out of NerdVision, you need to be able to identify your agents to target the applications you want to debug. To do this, we need to know some identifiable information in the form of a name or tags, to set these using CommandBox use the following settings:

box config set"My App"
box config set modules.nerdvision.tags="foo=bar, level=42"

For more information about using tags and names to target instances visit our documentation here:



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